How to Order a Custom Fit Framebag


Custom Fit Framebags are tailored to your bikes specific geometry. We make a custom pattern based on a photo of your frame with a ruler taped on for scale. The main criteria for the photo is that it needs to be taken straight on, not off to the side or angled in any direction, STRAIGHT ON!

You will four things:

  1. Your bike. A fully built bike is preferred, but just a frame will work as well.
  2. A camera. Most modern phones have good enough cameras.
  3. A ruler or tape measure. Those flexible or retractable tape measures work well. Just make sure its very legible. Shiny metal rulers are not the best because they reflect glare that makes it hard to read.
  4. Any type of tape.

Step 1: Prepare Your Bike

  • I need the location of all bolts, cable stops, and braze-ons, so make sure those will be visible in your drive-side photo. Unthread any bolts on the frame a few threads, so I can see where they go. If you have a braze-on or cable stop hidden on the non-drive side, mark it with a piece of tape sticking out. If you have a top tube bag to use in conjunction, put that on.
    • For full framebags, remove any bottle cages and frame-mounted pumps.
    • For front famebags, leave the seat tube water bottle in, but remove the down tube bottle cage.
    • For half framebags, leave both water bottles in.
  • Set your bike up against a neutral background, drive-side out, and make sure it is standing straight up. Not leaned at an angle.
  • Tape the ruler onto a straight tube of your frame, usually the top tube. Make sure its not blocking any cable stops or the inside of your frame at all.

Step 2: Take The Photo

  • Walk up to the bike frame and position the camera lens right in the center of the triangle.
  • Back up about 8 feet, making sure the camera lens is still at the right height, lined up with the center of the triangle. Both wheels should be visible at 8 feet away.
  • Make sure the camera lens is parallel with bike frame. Not off to the side or angled in any direction, STRAIGHT ON!
  • Take the photo.
  • Check the photo and zoom in to see that the ruler or tape measure is legible. Also check if all the bolts, cable stops and braze-ons are visible.

Step 3: Order Your Framebag

Thats it!